Silent Auction for the Longest Day Fundraiser

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Silent Auction - Arthur Murray Red Bank Dance Studio

A basket of Fresh Roasted samples of the Gourmet Coffee by G&M Coffee Roasters of Staten Island NYC.  G&M coffee is served in Italian Restaurants including Pazzo MMX, Patrizia’s

3 Gift Certificates (you can bid on each one) for Secrets of Natural Walking workshop ($200/GC value)

Secrets of Natural Walking from the Natural Way of Living ( is a modality that offers a Deep and Thorough Alignment of Spine. It improves posture and refreshes and rejuvenates one’s physical and mental well being. Countless health benefis have been reported by participants including Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar and Cholestereol normalization, Reduction or Healing of Arthristis pain, etc.
A Full Day Workshop, you will learn the simple 6 keys to a proper step and with diligent practice, you will be on your way to reap the benefits and improve your total well being!
Please see the Before & After Photos within the 1 Day workshop with Instructor Laura Fan (an Arthur Murray Red Bank Dance Instructor) and also her own testimonial and Before & After Photos of how her Scoliosis was being rectified after diligent practice
Silent Auction - Arthur Murray Red Bank Dance Studio
Reiki Tummo Healing Session (45 minutes) $100 Value with Laura Fan, a Certified Reiki TUMMO™ practitioner and Teacher from the Padmacahaya Institute.
Reiki TUMMO™ is an energy healing modality combining the traditional Reiki Usui and Kundalini Energy. The healing is effective for healing and improving your health. Most clients report feeling Calm, Peaceful and Relaxed after the session. A Great Stress Relief, and many reported results are better than a Massage!
Silent Auction - Arthur Murray Red Bank Dance Studio
A series of Heart Based Therapeutics™ sessions from Laura Fan, a certified HBT practitioner. 45 minutes Level 1, followed by 75 minutes of Level 2. Value of $250.
Heart Based Therapeutics™ is a transformative, state-of-the-art therapeutic modality that combines psychological theory with experiential learning.
HBT delivers an insightful, practical, effective, and enjoyable heart-centered program for reducing stress and burnout, improving the quality of interpersonal relationships, and enhancing professional efficacy within the work place. Learning to enhance the experience of peace, calm, gratitude, and joy directly optimizes all aspects of living as well as develops psychological resiliency for effectively adapting to adversity and stressors.
When one learns to feel safe living with an open heart, a profound healing transformation can occur, which naturally leads to a tangible experience of completeness, contentment, and fulfillment.