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Try Ballroom Dancing at Arthur Murray Red Bank

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The most important part of learning to dance is walking through the front door! After receiving a warm welcome from our staff, you will have the opportunity to speak with an executive instructor about what you expect from your time at Arthur Murray. Goals, availability, prior experience, and which dances you want to learn are all factors that will help your instructor give you the most personalized experience possible.

Next, it’s out to the dance floor, where the real fun begins! On your lesson you will learn the first and most important steps for each dance you’ve selected. Be it Salsa, Swing, or even the Tango, you’ll be dancing right away on your first lesson! Even if you have no idea which dances you want to learn, our expert instructors can choose the dances that will best suit your needs! If you already have some dance experience, great! Show-off a little for your instructor and he or she will pick up at whatever level you’re ready for! Once you’ve finished dancing, your instructor will plan a personalized program to suit your specific needs.